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How ? today's life style Is affecting our nature of humanity.. (MY VIEW)

There are so many cruelty happening around us starting from child labor, hunger, transgender discrimination, physical and mental abuse in all gender around all age and so on... which shows we are loosing our human nature.. the most cruel and most disappointing thing is people being dropped out form their home at the stage of their old age. I see this act of cruelty most painful because i have my grandmother in my home in the age of around 92 years. I am really sad to see that how hard it is to carryout her own day today activities in her old age because of her very bad health condition now. She is so lovable and its so lovely to spend time with her.

What is old age in my perspective ?

There is a general definition says old age is the person with faded hairs, wrinkled skin, old at the time of retirement etc..But actually a person is completely old when he /she can't take care of her/himself for their own day today activities which means they are dependent on their close family person. 

Caution for you.. one day you are also going to be old.. so be prepared for that..

Why was that old people so important and what is our duty ?

Just think of our childhood days..Our parents always gave us the right direction.. for the betterment of your life and they did all the things for our happiness by keeping out their own desires. If we think, why are they doing all this?  that's because by thinking my son or daughter will take care of him /her at old age, this must be the only reason even if this is not openly told by our parents. Today's life style is not allowing to think about this. When they are in need of our support in their old age we drop their hands and admit in the old age home.. this is unfair .Our duty towards old age person are to respect them without any kind of selfish reasons and engage them in our life socially. What ever you are today is because of  them without any doubt isn't ? 

Why old age homes are increasing..?

There may be several reasons for this but, there are few main reasons I see and I i would like to address are children's staying in hostel from their childhood without knowing relationship bonding, Working parents who have no time just to speak socially with children about relationship values and patience needed in life, most corporate school which teaches nothing about relationship values, nuclear family system, ego problem etc..

Sending children's to corporate schools hostel for better education is not actually meant they are going to live better in the society, actually that lacks in knowing about relationship values. Children grow up in such situations gives more values to materialistic world not the relationships, they become well known about how to save money, how to spend money, how to make profits, but not how to handle emotional values. This prompts to leave their parents to old age homes in the later stage of life after completely making profits from them. Relationship values are not understood until it is educated in their childhood days. Now a days parents are treated like no profit no use policy.

What old age people should also understand ?

The times has changed, being in a big family all together, living in a garden house in a village is all disappeared.. it's not good asking your children to come and visit you very often who is in a far city or even abroad.. now both the men and women are supposed to go for a job in this present situation to lead a decent life in the society.. so if there is a situation where you want to stay in your son or daughter home in a city.. just go and adjust to the situation.. It's very important to understand the practicality in leading life in the society. Helping those working parents as much as possible like teaching kids, dropping children's to school, helping niece in kitchen, supporting niece for washing the cloths etc will definitely pave a healthy communication. If you can do it for your daughter why can't you do it for your niece too keeping all your ego aside which is grown for various reasons...  Don't expect your niece should give a cup of coffee to the place you live, they don't have that much of time in today's busy city life.. Stop demanding and comparing by giving your old past experience.  I think this small things can pave a way for a bigger changes in the family.

"Mainly a person should prepare him/herself physically, financially & mentally to face his/her old age to have a happy & peaceful life in their old age" 

How i think we can solve this ?

There will be some solutions if some of these are changed like teaching kids to respect elders, making them understand the value of relationship, educating children that it is not the only responsibility for the male child to take care of the parents and also a female child, make them understand relationship gives more happiness than ego and money, allow kids to visit their grandparents and relatives place regularly and also Educating a child saying that taking care of parents and in-laws are equally important to making money for the family needs.

Yes, of course taking care of our old age parents are hard, they give us some trouble, so irritating sometimes but it's our responsibility. They are not doing all this knowingly, we will only understand only when we are in that age. Don't forget we are also going to face such situations. So, be patient and talk to them at least the time when you have a cup of coffee..  So, this Problem is not something which we cannot solve it needs a change in our mindset.

Let each one of us make a change to stop this most cruel happening..  

This is not for my advertisement- I worry for such people who live in streets. so, myself and my mom provide food packets (least 4-5 people) which is prepared in home when ever we get time. I wish i would do it regularly.. I believe each one of you also wish do something for those old people live in streets..

My grandmother and the below video are the inspiration to write this.. Thank you for reading this long article fully with patience.. Thank you to the author of this video.

Please share your experiences also in the comments below.. and

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